Fundamental 2020 Shifts That Influence How Semalt Approaches SEO Optimization

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Fundamental SEO Practices and Features in 2020
    1. User-focused Optimization
    2. High-quality and Optimized Content
    3. Link-building and Backlinking
    4. Keyword Optimization
  3. Conclusion


With Google introducing new tools and search engine optimization features in 2020, it became imperative for Semalt to approach search engine optimization for clients' websites in a manner that was different from the previous approach. Taking into account Google's recent search engine optimizations rules, regulations, and features as well as existing patterns, Semalt has devised strategic procedures to effect these changes and improve your rankings. Here is a look at some of the fundamental trends in Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) patterns in 2020.

Fundamental SEO Practices and Features in 2020

The importance of SEO for your website starts from the search engine itself. Whenever someone does a search on Google, Yahoo, or Bing and other search engines, your website should be able to come up as part of the search results. But it is not enough for your site and webpages to be indexed on Google; they should be able to rank high on search results. This top visibility is crucial to your page ranking and your page ranking, in turn, affects your traffic (site visitors). 

Here are four of the most popular and most effective search engine optimization practices in 2020.

i. User-focused Optimization

User-focused Optimization is one of the most important internet marketing trends that has taken over since the last decade and represents the future of online marketing and advertising. What makes a user-focused optimization so unique? If you don't know already, it means that you create high-quality content that has only one purpose - to make a customer want to buy something from you. 

It's really a very simple concept, but it is surprisingly difficult to pull off, particularly if you are not a professional. To give an example, let's say that you are creating a product for an affiliate company, and you've created a great product that provides valuable information for people who are new to the affiliate industry. 

Your goal is to drive traffic to that affiliate website where you sell them your product. From the type of content you create for your website, to your product itself, to your brand voice, down to your website's outlook itself, everything has to be perfectly optimized to snag customers and clients to make them get your products and services. This is Semalt's main aim- to make everything about your brand inspire your potential and existing clients/customers to keep coming back to you. 

Before Semalt gets to work on diverse search engine optimization procedures for their clients, they ensure to first understand the clients' brand voice as well as the targeted market's mindset. This then inspires them to push user-focused optimization features for the client's revenue and branding benefit. This should also be your approach in 2020. Without mastering your customers' and clients' intent to create user-focused products and content, your traditional and digital marketing (SEO and others) campaigns might not achieve your desired results. 

ii. High-quality and Optimized Content

The importance of high-quality, optimized content for SEO in 2020 cannot be stressed enough. There is no room to ignore the importance of high-quality, optimized SEO content if you aim for high web traffic. High-quality, optimized content for SEO will give your site more visibility and higher ranking, which means that it will be able to get a lot more visitors (more traffic). This will certainly translate into greater revenue for you. 

The good thing about having relevant and high-quality content is that it will provide you a better chance of having visitors, and they will definitely stay with your site. So, it is very important that you create content that will attract the most potential clients and get more return visits. For your high-quality content to achieve the desired result, it should contain essential keywords in the appropriate volume. Without the right keywords and right volume of keywords, your content might not get enough visibility, let alone rank high. 

If you're unable to produce relevant and high-quality or optimize content by yourself, Semalt is available to help you do that. And within a short duration of optimization and tracking, you'd notice evidential results- better content, high page rank for your keywords, and revenue-generating traffic visitors. 

iii. Link-building and Backlinking

Link-building and backlinking means getting many high-quality and relevant links (page URLs) pointing to your webpages and from your webpages to other pages in order to get as high up in the rankings of the search engines. When you are looking at getting more traffic, you may want to focus on creating high-quality content in the form of articles or other online resources. These will take a bit of time and effort initially but will pay off well over time. Once your content is up and running, it is imperative for you to improve and boost your link structure so that search engines will be able to find your site through the links on your pages. 

Your links should be well-formatted and unbroken because broken or missing links can lead to a lot of negative SEO results. Your links should also correlate with relevant keywords, so when they type keywords related to your content, your site comes up in search. 

One effective way of link-building involves writing articles on a particular subject. The article must be relevant to the topic and can be easily found and copied from other sources. The articles must also be written by an expert or someone with experience, so they can be placed on a variety of sites, such as blogs, websites, and websites of organizations. 

This type of link-building and backlinking for website SEO is one that requires a lot of time and energy to do well. Another way to obtain a good number of backlinks is by using an article submission site. This is where a person can submit articles related to a certain topic, and in return, the author gets credit for the content. All articles should be original and provide value to the reader. These are all very easy to do when writing an original article.

Web directories are another great source of link-building and backlinking for website SEO. These directories allow users to post links that direct them to their own websites, which helps to build their reputation. In most cases, these directories are owned by the companies or individuals who put up links themselves, but you can obtain quality links to your site by submitting your site to the directories as well. Many people prefer to get the links themselves, although many companies prefer to have them posted by people in the same niche. Semalt understands the importance of backlinking, particularly in 2020, so link-building is at the forefront of their SEO services for clients.

iv. Keyword Optimization

Keyword Optimization for SEO is the process of increasing your website's popularity by placing keywords strategically on your site. It can be beneficial for you if you wish to get a higher ranking in search engines and get traffic from search engines. Keyword Optimization for SEO applies to your blog sites and your social networking sites as well. By doing this, you improve your chances of boosting your rank on search engines and many other social networking sites within the shortest time possible.

For a keyword campaign to be effective, it should be optimized for search engines. If you search for keywords related to the product/service that you are offering online, the chances are high that you will come across millions of results. This is why your keyword research and keyword optimization for SEO should be strategic. If you don't optimize your keyword campaign, you will be losing out on a lot of the traffic that you should be getting from search engines. 

Many people say that the best tool for keyword research and keyword optimization for SEO is Google Trends. It is the search engine for your specific keywords. So, if you are selling cars, and you want to attract more people to buy cars, then you should target keywords like cars, car accessories, car rentals, car loans, car transport, etc. 

With the help of this tool, you can understand what your competitors are targeting. You can then find some keywords that would be very useful for your business as well. Another tool for keyword research and keyword optimization or SEO is Google AdWords Keyword Tool. This tool will give you detailed information about what your competitors are doing with their keywords. 

It will give you statistics and other information about keywords you would be able to use in your own campaigns. Another good tool is Google's AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool. This tool will show you keyword suggestions to improve the search engine rank of your site. You can even find a keyword suggestion for your particular niche. By using these tools, you can find more keywords for your business that you can use on your website and other online marketing campaigns. By optimizing your keywords, you can increase your website traffic and bring more people to visit it. Keyword researching and optimization can be a tasking a job, this is why Semalt has included it as one of the services they offer clients in 2020.  


Whether your business is online-focused or offline, it is crucial for you to take on search engine optimization to boost your digital marketing campaigns. Google's policy and search engine feature practices change constantly, so nothing is set in stone, but currently, the above are the reigning SEO trends for Google and other search engines in 2020. It's advisable to keep updated with Google SEO trends by frequently checking out their practice policies.